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eyelid skin tags:

The eyelid skin tags are among the most noticeable of all benign skin growths. Whenever we talk or greet others, we first look into their eyes. Even the smallest of eyelid skin tags are very noticeable. Skin tags can be skin-colored, dark brown, or even be black in color. Skin tags are always raised from the surface of the skin and often have a fleshy stalk. Skin tags are harmless, however, when located on eyelids, they often make us very self-conscious about our looks and how others see of us.


I use cryotherapy to non-invasively remove eyelid skin tags. Most eyelid skin tags fall off after one treatment. With Cryotherapy, the eyelid skin will remain intact at all times with this treatment; eliminating the risk of infection that may result from cutting or snipping these tags.

The above pictures depict successful removal of eyelid skin tag after application of one cryotherapy treatment. Three weeks later, the skin tag of the upper eyelid is no longer there. Cryotherapy is a gentle, yet very effective treatment for benign skin spots such as skin tags, moles, dark spots and warts, etc.. Cryotherapy triggers the natural healing mechanisms of the skin and the treated spot dries out and develops a scab, which falls off in one to two weeks after treatment. During this time, normal skin grows from the periphery and from underneath the treated spot and pushes off the dried mole or skin tag.