Mole Removal NYC - Children - Pediatric Facial mole removal NYC

Mole Removal in Children :

Facial moles can also occur in children. Sun exposure and familial history of facial moles are the two most important risk factors that lead in formation of moles on the face of children.

Treatments for facial moles in children :

Cryotherapy is the safest and best tolerated method to remove moles and most other unwanted skin spots in children. Surgery obviously will results in scarring of the skin. Once the mole is frozen with cryotherapy, new skin cells will populate the treated area. Over time, and after the mole is successfully removed, the color and look of new skin will blend in with the surrounding skin. This normalization process can take up to several months. Below are images of a child who had a dominant mole on his face, which was successfully, remove with cryotherapy. Please notice that there is no scaring at all. This child required 4 treatments over 6 months. Follow up images shows his face after 8 months from the initial treatment. Slight discoloration of the skin will resolve over time.